Outgoing SPAM Filter
@ ₹ 3,500 /mon

1. Spam Filtering (Outbound only)

2. Anti-Malware

3. Reporting Portal

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Both I/O SPAM Filter
@ ₹ 5,000 /mon

1. Spam Filtering (inbound and outbound)

2. Anti-Malware

3. Reporting Portal

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Incoming SPAM Filter
@ ₹ 3,000 /mon

1. Spam Filtering (inbound)

2. Anti-Malware

3. Reporting Portal

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Spam filters are utilized to process incoming emails and prevent spam before it reaches the user’s inbox. Its major function is to detect and eliminate the junk emails getting into the user's accounts. To avoid spam emails, our company offered efficient spam filters to manage and provide spam-free inboxes. We offer Incoming and Outgoing spam filters based on your grade of protection.

We offer a Cloud-based Spam filter identifies phishing that damages computer, server, or computer network.


Essential Features of Email Filtering Services

We substantially illustrate the immense verifiable levels of spam and virus detection service for your business.

  • How email identified as spam - Quarantined, tagged, and delivered.
  • Rate of false positives - The number of authenticated emails get blocked.
  • Reporting options - The reporting options are available to detect whitelist and blacklist senders.
  • Filtering and testing - To accelerate the filtering process, the front end test is conducted.
  • Virus protection - Best antivirus software protects your business from malware activities.


Simple to Use

Users can easily maintain and transfer your messages through the network within a short span of time.

More Detection Rate

The virus and malware were detected precisely and can be prevented before entering into the network.

Email Flow

We offer an additional protective layer for an incoming filter in order to maintain the email flow.

Reporting portal

The reporting portal is useful to find out the whitelist and blacklist in a powerful way.

Antivirus protection

It detects, prevents, and deletes malware and viruses that affect any part of the files or system.

Phishing prevention

Phishing protection is significantly required to protect the user's sensitive information from hackings.

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Incoming Spam Filter

Why choose SixthStar Incoming Spam Filter?

SixthStar provides you an excellent incoming spam filter in which users send mails to the recipient. Before the mail reaches the receiving end, it will undergo the detection process in the intermediate server to identify any malware presence. Once the detecting process gets finish, the mail will automatically reach to the receiver end.

Outgoing Spam Filter

Why select the SixthStar Outgoing Spam filter?

SixthStar provides a cloud-based outgoing spam filter that verifies and blocks spams to provide the most secure email delivery. Using the outgoing spam filter, you can easily remove mail delivery issues caused by IP address blacklisting.

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Janet Wilson

MR. Bhaskar Chokalingam

Head IT- Fujitsu General India Pvt ltd

Finally, I can visualize the improvements to my Website becoming a reality. I am a happy customer for many years, and whenever I have a question or an issue, they do have 24/7 chat support, even on weekends. All the programming tools are available, even while I am not a programmer your support will do helps me design what I need.

Vijay TV

MR. Manohar

IT Head / Vijay TV

Initially i don’t know how they support and security levels. But, after the demo and analyzing the security level and support team interaction, am totally happy yes, they support and answered all of my questions. I believe sixth star is best for your mailing solution. Everything works well, and performance is great!

Janet Wilson

MR. Prabhu Shankar

, IT Manager- HOEC

Hi, generally, I give first preference to customer support. I've used numerous hosts in my past, but none of them fulfilled all my expectations. And just started my hosting plan with SixthStar last year, surprisingly, they offer a lightning flash resolution and admirable hosting packages for personal and business needs.


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  • 1. What happens to a spam-detected message?

    For inbound messages: This filtering will be done based on the IP address of the sender. As a default process, content-filter spam is sent to the junk folder of the recipient. All these actions can be controlled by you. For outbound messages: Here, the email delivery status can be easily known by the sender whether the email is bounced or not delivered through a message status.

  • 2. Do I need to configure the service to provide anti-spam protection?

    Once you get the spam filter, service will be automatically enabled as per anti-spam policies. If you want any alteration in the policies based on your organizational structure, you can tailor it according to it.

  • 3. Does the service have URL filtering?

    Yes, the service provides URL filtering. If the read URL has any spam content, then it will be marked as a spam message.

  • 4. Is bulk email filtering works automatically?

    This email filtering works differently for new and migrated customers. So make sure if the service is automatically enabled or not.

  • 5. Can I get spam reports?

    Yes, you will get spam reports about the volume of messages present in the account.

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