Email Archiving

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Email Archiving

Secure Vital Company Data With Email Archiving. Store an encrypted copy of your inbound and outbound emails for backup and later access with our archiving service. Easily backup and retrieve email communication while helping drive compliance.

Why Choose Spam Cloud Email Archiving?

Back up and access company data

Email is your company’s most common means of communication, and it needs to be stored safely in an easily retrievable fashion. Spam Experts software compresses, encrypts, and stores your emails, helping ensure data is not lost.

Improve IT system performance & save costs

Reduce local infrastructure storage costs and management problems with cloud-based email archiving.

Drive legal compliance

Help improve your company’s compliance and avoid potential legal issues related to data protection or severe fines.

Simplify management

Individual or mass email redelivery of encrypted and compressed emails are only two of the many features available to achieve full control over your organization's email.